XRP Consolidates at $0.50, Is Another Rally in the Making? (Ripple Price Analysis)


• Ripple’s price was rejected after attempting to reclaim the significant resistance region of $0.55 and is currently consolidating.
• The range between $0.47 and $0.4436 plays a critical role in supporting the price in case of a sudden drop.
• XRP experienced a sudden surge, broke out of the descending price channel, and underwent a short-term correction phase, forming a symmetrical triangle pattern before resuming its upward trend by breaking through the triangle’s upper boundary with powerful surge.

Daily Chart Analysis

After a sudden increase in value, Ripple’s price successfully surpassed several significant barriers, creating a positive outlook for the future; however, the upward momentum slowed when it reached the notable resistance area of $0.55, causing a minor decrease. Although this decrease could be considered as brief correction before XRP continues to climb beyond mentioned resistance zone, it’s essential to note that range between $0.47 and $04436 (0.5 and 0.618 levels of Fibonacci retracement) plays critical role in supporting price in case of sudden drop.

4-Hour Chart Analysis

As shown in chart, Ripple experienced sudden surge, broke out of descending price channel and underwent short-term correction phase which formed symmetrical triangle pattern; subsequently XRP resumed its upward trend by breaking through triangle’s upper boundary with powerful surge; nevertheless rally ended when price reached crucial resistance zone of $0.55 resulting another correction stage where cryptocurrency formed descending flag pattern.


In conclusion it can be seen that Ripple has been able to break through several important resistances despite facing some minor corrections along the way; however its current position near crucial support zone suggests that upcoming action will determine whether XRP will continue on bullish run or undergo further bearish pressure leading towards more extended period of consolidation .

Key Takeaways

• The range between $047 and$04436plays an important role in supportingpricein caseofsuddendrop • XRP experienced sudden surgeandbrokeoutofdescendingpricechannelformingasymmetricaltrianglepattern • The rally endedwhenpricereachedcrucialresistancezoneof$055resultinganothercorrectionstageformingdescendingflagpattern

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