• Peer Inc. announced the hiring of a specialist team of engineers from Zenly to develop its AI-powered 3D maps.
• The team, known as „Wonka,“ developed Zenly’s innovative 3D social maps platform that had 160 million downloads and 35 million daily active users in 2022.
• With this acquisition, Peer will be able to fast-track the development of their gamified social network called “Peer” which will be available on iOS and Android in Q2 2023.

Peer Acquires Elite Team of Engineers

Peer today announced the hiring of a specialist team of engineers from Zenly to develop its AI-powered 3D maps. This team is known in tech circles as „Wonka“ and developed Zenly’s popular 3D social maps platform with 160 million downloads worldwide and 35 million daily active users in 2022.

Revolutionizing Social Networking

Peer is revolutionizing social networking by integrating AI, AR, and blockchain technology into a unique, planet-scale 3D map that delivers a game-like, immersive social experience. This app will allow users to construct their personal „places graph,“ or a map of people, places, and memories. It is expected to be available on both iOS and Android in Q2 2023.

Acquisition Accelerates Development

The acquisition of the Wonka team accelerates the development process for Peer Inc.’s new app significantly. Tony Tran, Founder & CEO of Peer Inc., said: “We’re huge fans [of Zenly], and we look forward to working with the Wonka team to recreate that magic and take it to the next level.“ Milan Bulat, Wonka’s former lead engineer now Head of Maps at Peer added: „We have an aggressive roadmap to deliver the features that Zenly users loved in an all-new platform they will rave about.“

Features Adored by Users

Zenly users adored its polished and delightful features which Peer plans on recreating within their own platform. These features include 3D mapping capabilities which allow for exciting exploration experiences not seen before on other apps or networks. Additionally these features also make it easier for users to find friends or even discover new places they have never been before all within one user friendly interface.


In summary, Peer Inc has acquired the elite engineering team from Zenly know as Wonka which allows them fast track their development process for their upcoming app called “Peer” which integrates AI , AR ,and Blockchain technology into one user friendly platform making it easier for users explore new places and find friends all within one application set to release on iOS & Android devices Q1 2023

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